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Welcome Letter

The Welcome Letter

Once you have successfully completed your account creation, the system should automatically take you to the Welcome Letter within your Secure Messaging inbox (figure #1). If it did not, then you may access the welcome letter via your inbox tab up top or the webbox on the far right side.

The Welcome letter has your verification PIN that you will need in order to sync up your portal account with your Chart. This PIN is only good for 30 days, you will find the expiration date of the PIN located above the PIN #. 

figure #1


Expired PIN: If your PIN has expired you will need to be issued a new PIN via the clinic. Please call them at your earliest convinience.

Your first step is to copy the PIN by either highlighting it with your mouse or using your keyboard. Once highlighted please copy the PIN by right clicking on your mouse and clicking copy or by hitting the keyboard shortcut of CTRL C.

Below the PIN number there will be a series of steps with active hyperlinks within each step. Your welcome letter may differ based on your personal relation with the clinic so some letters may have additional steps than others. Please copy the PIN and click on the hyperlink within Step 1.

NOTE: If at any time you have lost your place within the registration steps from this point forward. You may go back to this letter and start from the point in which you were last at.


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